Sunday, July 01, 2012

Francis Town here we come

We were up and away early the next morning because we still had a fair drive to Woodlands self-catering cottages about 10km north of Francistown.  Turning back onto the main road we went past the most magnificent avenue of baobab trees which I had to stop and take a picture of.

The border crossing was a completely different affair from last time.  I think because we were there very early on a Sunday combined with the fact that it wasn't easter weekend created a completely different experience.  Arriving on the S.A. side there was a really well kitted out landcruiser 4x4 which was, along with everything on it, brand spanking new.  It was like someone had walked into a  4x4 shop and just taken one of everything but didn't really know what they were buying or how to use it.  It did look impressive though and I tried to get Caron to buy into the raised suspension with the bull-bars on the front with the spare wheels mounted on the solid bumper at the back but she wasn't biting.  At all.

We were almost out of the border post, at the exit when we were stopped by the food police who proceeded to go through the fridge and haul out all vegetables and fruit irrespective of whether or not they could be harbouring fruit flies.  The only vegetables they missed were the potatoes which were buried at the bottom of a crate which even we would have had difficulty in finding.  The contraband fruit and vegetables all went onto a huge pile of festering, rotting vegetation that had been baking in the sun for a few hours.  We were a little nose out of joint particularly about the vegetables which we knew weren't actually a problem but there is just no point in arguing with them.

It was a very easy drive up to Woodlands and we stopped a couple of times to have coffee as well as to stock up with the fruit and vegetables which we had just been relieved of at the border.

Rob and Viv had only left this morning so they were driving the same distance we had done in two days and only arrived quite late in the day.  We also met up with Ethene pronounce Ettiene and Lize as well as the attendant off-spring.  Teegan wasn't feeling so well so she wasn't the bundle of joy she normally is.

We all had supper at our place which was number 8 of the 6,7 and 8 that we had booked.  As it turned out #8 was worlds apart in terms of luxury from 6 & 7 and in a positive way.  Sometimes lady luck she smiles and sometimes she doesn't.

We were all looking forward to the final day of driving tomorrow, at least for a while.

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