Saturday, July 07, 2012

Journey back to the great rat race

Yet another early start, I'm starting to look forward to going back to work so that I can sleep in but this is my last opportunity so up I rose and ended up taking a surprising number of photographs.  The light changes so much and so quickly here that one really has to be on the top of one's game to capture it.

Caron even deigned to let me capture her on film, which is a rare occasion indeed.

 After the early morning stroll, it was a quick breakfast and by 10:00 we were away and on our way home.  Rob and Viv wanted to drive all the way home whereas we were content to break the drive over two days so we took it a lot easier and stopped several times on our way out.   We stopped to dig out some clay to give to Caron's mother who is a potter because I was wondering if the clay may be good for ceramics.

We also saw a grave in the middle of a pan while taking the scenic route out of the pans.  It seems like a pretty cool place to lie in repose while one becomes one with the mud.

We eventually arrived at the border at 19:00 after having to drive very carefully for the last few hours.  It seems like saturday afternoon everyone goes to the taverns that are plentiful alongside the road so there were more than a few drivers under the influence.

From the border it was a short drive to groot marico where we had a very comfortable night and the next day it was a very easy few hours drive home.

Time to change gears ready for work again tomorrow.  At least I will be able to sleep in a bit.

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