Sunday, November 03, 2013

Packing lists ...

As a friend of mine's father used to say - "Any idiot can be uncomfortable in the bush, it's easy".  The converse is that in order to be comfortable in the bush it takes a certain amount of forethought and planning which inevitably results in "lists" of things to take and things to remember to do.

The following list is the one we use for overlanding and we adjust it for the specific trip and conditions that we think we may encounter but it is the list from which we work.  At the end of a trip we try and update it with anything new that we have learnt but that is, of course, peculiar to our particular needs and requirements so this can't be treated as 'the list' but it is a decent place to start for anyone getting into overlanding.

How we arrived at this list was to consolidate all the lists from various sources that we could lay our hands on and then from that to work out what we need based on where we are going, which season we are going in and how many people will be in the party.  Anyway, this is the one we work from.

Roland's 4x4 Packing List

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