Sunday, November 03, 2013

So how much water does one really need for a shower ...

Some, actually most, of our overlanding has been to places where there is little or no water so one has to take everything one wants to use and because water is so heavy, one wants to take as little as possible.

My spouse has a simple requirement on these trips, she will have a shower every day; no shower means that we don't go.  It's that simple.  Showers however means lots of water to be carried so estimating the amount of water we need is crucial to my marital bliss.

The amount of water required for showering is dependent on your shower so I have a bucket shower with a shower rose whose middle two rings of holes I have epoxied closed so as to reduce the flow.  There is still plenty to get one wet and wash with but the saving in water by simply closing some holes in the shower rose is appreciable.

What we have found is that 8l of water provided a good shower with about 2 min of just standing under the water.  We have also found that 4l is possible in an emergency and that 6l gives us a good shower but no standing around time.  8l gives a great shower with some standing around time.

In terms of 'time in the shower', 4l gives one about 3 minutes, 6l about 4 minutes and 8l about 5 minutes.  In terms of how much time one needs to actually shower, it takes between 30" and 60" to get wet and about 2-3 minutes to wash off.

Our overall rule of thumb as far as water is concerned is that 10l/person/day for drinking, showering, cooking and washing is enough.  Anything more is luxury but less than 10l of water per day gets a bit desperate.

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