Monday, April 28, 2014

An unbelievably lazy day

We woke up to low hanging grey cloud and occasional drizzly rain so we decided that today would be a lazy day reading and that is what we all did for pretty much the entire day.  We did make a foray out midmorning to try and buy some supplies and warn the moped man that we were coming back tomorrow but since it was sunday almost all the stores were closed and we were soaked with the heaviest rain of the day.

By very late afternoon the weather was breaking and we were all, myself in particular, feeling a little cabin feverish so we went out for a walk in the late afternoon sunshine.

 Carl and Alistair spent almost the whole walk throwing Paros back into the ocean so I think that their arms and shoulders are going ache somewhat tomorrow.  I skipped stones a little bit and even tried it with my left hand which felt completely spastic but I did manage to get the stones to skip but I won't win any accuracy competitions with my left arm; probably not my right arm either actually.  Alistair is getting the knack of getting the stones to skip quite nicely.

The dark raincloud in the back was what rained on us earlier in the day but now with the sun shining in under the clouds it made for some great backdrops.

You can't see it in the photograph below but there is a bit of a drop below the tree hence the strained smile and the hands clutching the bough.

One of the amazing things I always find is that if one just moves and walks the views just appear out of nowhere but you really need to put yourself in the position that the opportunities can be taken when they appear.  Our apartment is in the set on the far right horizon so we would normally be looking at where this photo was taken from.

The van der Riet family in the last light of day.  The sun set about 30 seconds after this shot was taken so we were a little lucky to get it.

Walking back into town we had a look at the charter yachts which are starting to fill the harbour up and they really are enticing.  They seem to have triggered something in Kirstens imagination so who knows; maybe there is a yacht holiday somewhere in the future.  I volunteered to skipper and cook and play deckhand but I think that they are worried about the cooking ...

Supper was at another of the waterfront restaurants and Carl had set his heart on lamb kleftico which was on the menu but not in the kitchen so he will have to wait for another day.  We started with two meze platters between all of us which had just a taste of a whole set of different dishes which was rather nice and I should have called it quits at that point but everyone else was ordering mains so I did too but only managed to consume about 2/3rds of the plate before I had to abandon the effort.

After supper Kirsten wanted to shop but Carl was really tired so he went home while I waited around while Kirsten searched for 'baubles and beads' as Carl puts it.  From there it was pretty much home and to be surprisingly tired given that we hadn't actually done anything today.

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