Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Another lazy day

The tame hogs rode early to make the most of the remaining couple of hours of moped rental and decided to go around to the other side of the bay that we can see from our balcony.  The day was bright and clear, a perfect day for riding or being on the beach.  In the land of churches it came as no surprise that right at the end of the road around the peninsula there was yet another church which took a while to photograph because I had to get the boatyard out of the picture.  I could see the masts from our balcony and thought that it might be another harbour but it was a place where boats are stored dry over winter or are left to rot so it didn't make for a very picturesque background.

On the way back we made two stops, one to Mycaenean ruins which we could barely make out and the other to Kolybithres which is a bathing beach that Kirsten and Carl went to 17 years ago when they were last here.  Last time they were young and newly married, now, not so young with children almost as tall as they are; how times change.  The seasons, they are padding past at an astonishing rate.

We just had to stop at our favourite bakery at the top of the hill for some more donuts and greek custard pastry before we continued up to a monastery which only let appropriately dressed men in.  Women or men in shorts were verboten which annoyed Caron no end; it's remarkable in this day and age that these institutions still have such antiquated rules even for visitors.  The view from the top was pretty remarkable and I must say that there is some attraction to the simple life of contemplation and growing things to eat but I think I would be bored and contemplated out within a month or two.  Rather the hurley burley of business searching for some peace and quiet every now and then than the stillness of a monastery searching for some excitement in life.

The afternoon was spent down on the beach and I am feeling a bit like my father sitting on a beach in jeans and a jacket while Megan is in a bikini.  Just for the record, Carl, Kirsten and Caron were all similarly clothed against the wind.  A huge yacht i.e. one that is big enough to have an 18' rubber duck hanging from it's stern has dropped anchor in our bay and there was lots of talk about doing a cruising holiday but Carl and Caron are less than enthusiastic about the proposal.

We had supper at Kous Kous which apparently means 'gossip'; not so sure about that but it made for an interesting story and Alistair, Megan and myself shared a set of meze dishes which made for a really delicious supper and afterwards I took my camera for a walk trying to capture the old town of Naoussa.

The small boat harbour below has an entire square filled with tables and I can only imagine how noisy and festive it will be in just a month or two's time.  Even in the time that we have been here we can see how the numbers of tourists have climbed.  The edging of the harbour quays are all made from marble which, at least for us, is highly unusual.

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