Thursday, December 17, 2015

Skiing the moguls

There was a light snowfall overnight of at best 5mm in all but although this sounds great, and it is visually, it isn't the best for skiing because the weather warmed up and the resort was not able to manufacture any snow and some of the pistes are starting to show grass through the piste in some patches.

The houses above are in the middle of the village as is the paddock and in spite of the the poor build quality, probably because they are ancient, they would cost a fortune.  A house similar in style to the one with the steps but about halfway up the blue piste which is about 500m from where this was taken would fetch about 1 million euro's and then one would need to spend between 500,000 and 1 million additional euro's to upgrade it to be really nice. Seems ludicrous but that is the way it is.

We headed over to Motollino again to introduce the lovely blue run that we found yesterday to Caron and Laurie and the first run or two went really well but by the third run it was starting to get busy and Caron had just descended a slightly tricky bit and was stationary on the side of the piste waiting for the avalanche of skiers to abate when one skied right into her hurting her left knee.  I don't think it is actually damaged beyond a slight strain but it is painful nonetheless.  I only found out about this when I saw her a bit red-eyed sitting in the coffee shop at the top restaurant. 

By 11:00 it was really getting too busy and we all naturally converged on the restaurant where we embarrassed ourselves by having a full-on snowball fight in the outside area of the restaurant.  Started by Kirsten I might add but eagerly joined by all the kids and Erin in particular.  I headed for home thereafter with the Keysers while Caron took the gondola back down and Kirsten and Carl skied a little more.

I got off the bus just outside Samdi to buy rolls for lunch only to find that ski boots are forbidden and so my cunning plan to reduce walking was foiled.  I had to walk back to the apartment in my boots and then would have had to walk all the way back if Gary hadn't kindly volunteered to get the rolls because I couldn't get into my apartment to change boots.  Caron hadn't arrived back yet which was a bit worrying but it turned out that she had taken the wrong bus and ended up going right around the entire town.

In the afternoon I headed back out on my own and met up with Gary, Anna and Erin doing the blue slopes behind our apartment.  Because it was the end of the day and there were plenty of moguls even on parts of a blue run and instead of avoiding them as best I can like I normally do, I headed straight for them and tried to ski them.  Moguls for all beginner and most intermediate skiers are an absolute nightmare and especially so if the slope is vaguely steep but for the first time ever, I actually managed to ski them which I was very pleased about.  I found that I need to look a little further ahead which is a general failing that I have and that I shouldn't turn as sharply as I have been in order to keep in the track between the moguls.

I got back from skiing at about 16:30, showered, and then took a stroll up the main street and met Kirsten and Carl at the bar across the road from the Bivio for a Bombardino before indulging in some retail therapy by buying some lego while the girls amused themselves in the Kiko makeup shop.

Supper was at Roxy's which was reasonably good but nothing great and by this time I was tired but the girls wanted to go the the club so Carl and Gary pretty much had to, unwillingly, go along.  Alistair also didn't appear to be too keen and I am very happy that they didn't try and rope me in as well.  I am not sure what time they returned because I was fast asleep after a good days skiing.

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