Thursday, August 04, 2016

Etosha here we come ...

Had to visit work to drop of a KCED, the lawyers to drop off the revised Trust agreement and then Woolworths to get some lunch.  I am feeling quite disorganised and can't concentrate on packing because I am busy arguing with work over email and it is quite important that I get my point across because otherwise everyone is going to go off on a tangent.  They might do that in any case but at least I can say that I did actually try.

I have a feeling that I have left something important behind.  We have passports and credit cards so we ought to be ok.

The traffic out from Johannesburg was manic and just made us want to get away more quickly, we thought that we would avoid the Fourways crush and go out via Malibongwe.  This would have been a good choice other than the accident in Kyasands which caught us up in a huge traffic jam.  Oh, well, nothing for it but to wait.

Drove through to Swartruggens and stayed in "Die Ketel end Katel" which is a B&B next to the main road which we chose at random.
We both thought that this looked like Megan's new Fiat 500 after a couple of years of wear and tear.

Went for supper next door to the "Grove" which was pleasant but it was just as well that we went early because they closed at about 19:00 and we were the only customers there.  We ordered pizza which was adequate in the taste stakes but just too much for both of us and we had to send about half of our pizzas back.

The room was very comfortable if one could ignore the drone of the air conditioner which, at this time, was functioning as a heater which really was quite necessary.

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