Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Leaving the Dolomite Super luxury and back to camping.

We left the luxury of the Dolomite camp behind us this morning and headed out for a few nights of real camping, maybe not hard core camping because there are things like water, ablutions and electricity but still pretty spartan given the surroundings.

We departed from Dolomite at about 07:30 and arrived at OlifantsRus at about 11:30, a very easy days travel.  After getting our camp sorted out I pitched the awning because there is just about no shade at all in this campsite, none of the trees are higher than about 3m and any shade that there is could be described as dappled, at a push.

Added a few new birds, burchells courser, burchells sandgrouse, green winged pytilia, Kori bustard and a marico flycatcher on top of theu usual antelope plus some wildebees and black backed jackal.

I spent some time making up some new guy ropes for the awning because the one's I currently have are a bit short and tend to pull the pegs out of the ground instead of along the ground.  There was quite a wind blowing so I was very thankful that I have bought some outsize spring pegs for the groundsheet that went deep enough not to be in danger of being pulled out.  I also chopped a couple of tent poles down to size so that all the poles now fit inside the packet that I have for them.

There is a large tour group in the campsite so we weren't able to have a hot shower but at least it wasn't freezing and it does feel good to climb into bed all squeaky clean.

After a dinner of soup and toast made on my new toaster which worked a treat we went up to the hide but after about 30minutes when we didn't seen anything, we called it quits and went to bed.

The campsite is setup to accommodate small groups of overlanders but it seems that it is attracting the large overlanding parties so the two showers for men and two for women is woefully inadequate and by the time we got to having a shower it was cold.  It wasn't too bad once one was in the shower but getting in was uncomfortable.

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