Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Onkoshi to Spitzkoppen.

A last look out over the plains from the sun deck before we departed.
We had an early breakfast and were on the road by 07:30 heading for Namutoni because we have decided to buy a couple of african mask which, it turns out, aren't from here but are from the tribes in the Okavango.  Close enough I say.

Had to fill up with water because the information we have is that Spitskop campsite is a dry campsite so I had to use my 'one size fits all' because, again, I couldn't get the fitting to screw on.  I think that the thread size here must be just slightly larger than the one we get in S.A, probably a German standard.

The trip really started at Namutoni at about 08:30 and we pretty much drove the whole day and setup camp at 16:30.  We did stop a few times for comfort breaks and to buy coffee in Otjiwarongo as well as to get some more Namibian dollars because we are almost out.  We were able to withdraw money in Tsumeb from the FNB ATM, the standard bank one's were off line.  I'm not sure why the ATM's are offline so much around here but the banks really should look at this.

Not a lot interesting happened during the trip but setting up camp I manage to burn out my submersible pump for creating hot water for a shower.  I had plugged it in but I thought that it was off and only noticed the wisp of smoke emanating from the shower bucket where it was far too late.  I don't know why I didn't hear the pump turn on because it is so quiet here and I think we got lucky with the campsite, it is situated quite far away from the other campsites in a gully and there are a couple of really big, somewhat shady, trees for us to park off under.  I happened to have a spare pump because the recently deceased one was showing signs of giving out before I unintentionally smoked it.  I was feeling pretty pleased with myself for having thought that far ahead until I turned the new pump on and ... nothing ... it didn't work.  After a little bit of diagnosis it turned out that there was a fuse missing in the plug, who sells an item without a fuse?  As luck rather than foresight would have it, I happened to have the appropriate fuse so all was well and I could make hot water for washing up and for showering.

For supper we had a braai with roast potatoes and asparagus and some left over chops from the other evening.  Very delicious.  This campsite is eerily quiet and although we know that there are people nearby we might as well be on our own in the middle of the Kalahari.

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