Monday, December 18, 2006

Ho Hum

Not a lot to report for this weekend, nor last week for that matter. Went out with caron and some of her work colleagues on thursday night with a customer of theirs from the U.K to moyo's which is an up market african chic kinda restaurant. Quite good food although I am probably not the best judge of that pretty much anywhere, had the lentil bobotie which was nice enough. The customer from the U.K had a couple of interesting observations like that it's quite expensive here with a few obvious exceptions (food and accommodation) and he was totally taken aback that johannesburg and sandton are just like the UK (no lions in the streets or backyards) which I guess is true. It is pretty much the same as any first world metropolis but it doesn't take much to pierce the veneer and discover the 3rd world lurking just beneath it. Mind you after the race riots in france last year or the los angeles riots a decade or two ago maybe the third world is everywhere and we just convince ourselves that we are living in the first world. Ever wondered what exactly first world and third world actually mean? Quite a pleasant guy but there was a certain kind of smugness which many 1st world inhabitants seem to exude, probably unconsciously (I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt), which just gets under my skin and irritates me.
On Saturday morning Caron buggered off to the krugersdorp lion park with the client and a whole bunch of other work colleagues, I just could't face an entire day with them so I bowed out and spent the day on my own trying to find an xmas present for caron. This is not an easy task since anything she really wants she just buys herself so you're left with everything she doesn't want, which is a bit of a conundrum. Also printed about 6 pictures in 10"x15" format to take for framing next week. I've been doing a project for the last year or so of printing and framing photographs which I have taken on my various wanderings around the world. I work on the premise that if you take enough photographs, some of them have to be good even if one has no skill with a camera.
Spent some time sitting in a coffe shop waiting for the pictures to be printed doing my favourite thing of watching the passers by. This guy came sauntering past with a very overdeveloped physique and a tiny head like he's been to borneo recently and I couldn't help but laugh to myself which invited some comments mirroring my thoughts from a mother and daughter sitting at the table next to me.
Laurel phoned so I went over and put up the two clothes hooks on the back of the bathroom door, we'll see how long they remain on the door this time. Back to sandton city to go and watch eragon which was reasonably good and really fitted my mood. Didn't want to actually do anything but didn't want to be doing nothing either. Home for supper, caron arrived home at 21:30 so I could at least retire for the night.
Sunday started at 05:30 with me waking up to an SMS to ask where I was, I was meant to meet Jason to go mountain biking but sleep got the better of me.
Spent the morning fixing the house, in particular the lounge ceiling which due to poor workmanship has been sagging on the one wall. Eventually attached some threaded rod to chains and the chains to the roof rafters so I could adjust the height of the ceiling to be flat. I doubt if there is a straight, square or 90 deg. wall in this entire house. It all looks like it is fine but get out the square and it is way off. Fixed a few other things like the circuit breaker next to the geyser which for god alone knows what reason, the plumber wired around. On checking the isolator I found it to be faulty which might hav been the reason that at one stage we had an electric current running around the water reticulation system. Hmmm! good time to fix this although it did make showering kinda exciting. Went back to laurels (kim is never there so for the time being, it's laurels) to put up some hooks to hang mosquito netting from.
Off to the DVD store to get "the long way around" which has been recommended by my sister. Crit to follow.

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