Saturday, March 31, 2007


Last Sunday Jason and I did a 60km ride around what turns out to be quite a tough course, just one respectable hill after another. Of course you do get to go downhill sometimes but you hardly notice these in relation to the uphills. I actually did 85km since I rode to the meeting place and back as well. Great ride although I was a bit tired by the time I finally finished. Glynne was meant to have joined us so that there would be two of us wanting to have a nice easy ride and only one trying to beat lance. I lucked out, glynne didn't ride so I tried to keep up with Jason trying to beat the imaginary lance. I don't think Jason understands the meaning of "nice'n easy" and to make me feel worse, he had done the same ride during the week with the other Jason who couldn't get his heart rate over 150 without dropping Jason. How demoralising.
Went home for lunch and then met Kirsten and Carl along with the little ones for a mountain bike ride at Northern Farm. Everyone brought their bicycles except Caron who brought her book. I hope she feels embarassed reading this. Nice'n Gentle ride with the family, Megan is really, really coming on and she is going to enjoy it so much more when she gets a bicycle with some gears. Having a single gear bike is no joke, especially as a child. There is a bit of a movement to ride on single geared mountain bikes which I can only think must be absolute torture.
On the way home we were driving behind a nineteen voetsek (very old) nissan bakkie which looked like it had cellulite. There wasn't a smooth panel on the bakkie and the tailgate had been replaced entirely. Written on the tailgate were the words "Fore Sale", I wondered if the current owner was forewarning any prospective owners but I think it more likely that they just couldn't spell.

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