Saturday, June 16, 2007

Cabbage Farming

There is a popular myth amongst IT people that cabbage farming is the way to really make some money. This topic normally surfaces when the long hours are starting to take its toll but for some reason it surfaced on Friday much to Kobus' amusement.
Kobus' addition to the anecdote was to relate his father-in-laws rules about cabbage farming, his father-in-law being a farmer. There is only one rule - Don't farm cabbages. This should preferably be painted somewhere in large letters on a wall that one walks past every day because after 10 or so years of not farming cabbages it somehow starts to look attractive once again. It is only when ones' father has been a farmer and ones' fathers father, you get the picture, and each one in turn has tried cabbage farming several times - all with disasterous results does one realise that cabbage farming is a bad idea.

So much for cabbage farming.

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