Thursday, June 21, 2007

Nepali Photos

These are all from a trip I did to Nepal, long, long ago when the Dinosaurs and Caron were young.

This was taken just next to the ghats where they burn dead bodies on big piles of wood, little wonder there are hardly any trees left in Nepal. Once the body has burnt (at least mostly), the ashes are swept into the stream in which the girl is wading checking for I know not what, I think they may have been her fish traps.

Prayer wheels, little ones. The buddhists have really got it waxed, every time a prayer wheel turns is sends up a prayer so some bright buddhist attached one to a water wheel so it turned 24x7. How is that for a serious volume of prayers going up.

Nepali porter carrying heavy loads, I saw a porter carrying 54kg's (6 cases of 12x750ml bottles of beer) on his back up and down the Nepal mountains and they make the mountains really, really big over there. Commenting to an inn keeper later that day he said that was just average, the really top porters would be lugging over 100kgs around! No wonder their life expectancy is so short.

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A potter in Kathmandu, it's a bit hard to see from the photograph but his wheel is a tyre that has been filled with concrete and to make it spin he stands up and 'stirs' the wheel like a big pot until it is going fast enough at which point he quickly makes a couple of items before he has to get the momentum back up again.

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