Sunday, July 29, 2007

Spring is sprung ...

the grass is ris, I wonder where the boidies is.

We're a little ahead of schedule this year but we have an annual spring clean where Caron and I both go through our clothes and other cupboards and throw away anything that is frayed, damaged or just plain useless. This is entirely my initiative because left to her own, Caron would keep absolutely everything and our house is way too small for everything. The day goes something like the following:

R. Are we actually going to ever use this bed frill for a single bed of which we own none?
C. Well, you never know when it might be usefull.
R. I think we should get rid of it, we aren't likely to ever buy a single bed and even if we did, would we want a bed frill?
C. Oh Ok (carefully suppressed anger), get rid of it.

Now I just have to remember never, ever, to buy another single bed because as sure as night follows day - this little conversation will be regurgitated at that time.

Actually the bed frill is a no-brainer but it is easy to imagine more touchy subjects like the single bed sheets - again for the bed we don't own. Bedsheets are multi-purpose items, much to my amazement, and double as tablecloths. But do we really need five of them? I don't think so but I lost that argument, actually, after courting disaster with the bed frills, I didn't even try and argue the point.

After the throwing away phase we take stock of our surviving clothes and make up a shopping list for my annual foray into the clothes stores. Normally Caron chickens out at this point and delegates to Kim who is more than happy to help me spend some money. We have a very simple shopping strategy - go to Woolworths and if we can't find it there, it doesn't get bought.

P.S. We don't actually throw the clothes away, we actually donate them.

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