Sunday, July 29, 2007

Tour De France

The tour is finally coming to an end and I can have my evenings back to myself. I think I have watched a entire years worth of TV in the last 3 weeks following le tour which has become quite addictive (no pun intended). The last week has seen several notable events to do with doping on the tour and I find that people are starting to ask me why cyclists are so un-sportsmanlike and take so many drugs. The jury is out on whether cyclists - as opposed to any other sport discipline and in particular any other endurance discipline actually do abuse drugs more. For this to be answered all sports should have the same code when it comes to testing of samples, random tests throughout the year etc, etc - which not all sports do. If, as Gary Player accuses, a sport like golf can have wide spread drug abuse - then all sports need to be monitored much more carefully than they are.

On a personal note, I choose to believe that all good cyclists are on drugs as it really is a very convenient way of explaining away my complete lack of performance in cycle racing.

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