Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I've been a little out of touch during the last couple of weeks and I'm going to blame it all on the Tour de France which I have been following avidly. This is the first time I have actually followed the tour and I am totally absorbed, way more than I thought I would be. What I failed to realise was that it takes a specific genetic make up to actually win the tour overall, one can't be a specialist in any one discipline to the detriment of the others and still harbour hopes of winning. This has made it so much more interesting because there are all these races within races for instance the green and polka dot jerseys are unlikely (but not impossible) to be won by the same person that wins the yellow.

Of course, actually having a South African team albeit comprised of internationals with a lone South African in it has added to the interest. Thus far my impression is that Barloworld is doing exceptionally well for a team on their first tour. At the moment they have a rider in the top 5 on both the sprinting and the hill climbing rankings and even if they fade towards the end of the race - so what.

I finally took the plunge and purchased a (new to me) used mountain bike. I think I succumbed to peer pressure when I realised that the guys that I was riding with had all paid about 6 times for their second hand mountain bikes as I had paid for mine brand new. I am now the proud owner of a Yeti with XTR, SRAM and Avid equipment. My first ride was a 55km effort out to Northern farm and it was just amazing. The bike almost climbs the hills by itself. What a win and that is without mentioning how it handles the single track which is equally satisfying.

Other than that, my parents-in-law have finally sold their house so they are arriving in August which isn't far away. They're going to build a cottage in the back of Kims place which is leading to all sorts of family dynamics and discussions as to what to build, how to build, finances etc, etc, etc. A little tense at times where one or the other of us has a certain view which is not shared by the remainder.

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