Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Sunday, bloody Sunday

Hmmmm! Jason and I have both entered the Jock of the Bushveld cycle race which is widely regarded as the toughest single day roadrace in South Africa. It is 150km long but it goes over some serious mountains - not in the same league as the french alps but tough enough for us ageing amateurs. Neither of us is actually in shape to actually do the 150 so we have chickened out and entered the 100km race instead - and even then I think we may by in trouble.

On Sunday morning we did out first road ride for I don't know how long, mostly just to see how much trouble we're in. A fair amount as it turned out. I've had a substantial break due to the operation and then just as I was getting back on my feet Jason got the flu and as a result we're both looking a tad tubby - and I'm being kind to Jason. We decided to do the 95km route backwards so we got the busiest roads over first which proved to be a great idea. Not only is the traffic much better but the hills get progressively worse as the ride goes on which is absolutely ideal. We both struggled up Krugersdorp hill in the granny gear unlike last year when we would speed up it in second or even third. Methinks that Saturday is going to be one mother of a day. All in all we coped reasonably well other than on the hills and averaged just a shade under 26km/hr which, given the amount of training, isn't too bad.

With the amount of flab on us at the moment at least we're not likely to run out of energy stores. :-)

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