Saturday, September 01, 2007

All dressed up and nowhere to go

Every now and again one reacts to situations in such a way as to defuse the situation rather than exacerbate it. Not often, I will admit but occasionally and today was one of those occasions.
I went off to Sandton to do a little shopping for tomorrows race and to get some more gin for my father-in-law who is staying with me for the weekend. Caron is currently overseas in the UK and has left me to entertain the parents in law. Nice. Back to the story, I paid for my parking at the pay on foot, got into the car and zoomed off to the exit and almost into the back of the last car in the queue. There are only two lanes and one of them was blocked by some fat toad of an X5 driver. The other lane was moving until the car in front of me got to the exit and it was pretty obvious that the three black guys in the dusty, somewhat battered, toyota conquest have never use a pay on foot system. They were expecting an attendant at the checkout and of course there isn't one. So now both lanes were blocked and within about 30 seconds there was a queue of 5 cars each behind both stationary vehicles. One of the guys in front of me jumped out and asked if I could reverse just enough to let them reverse and let everyone through but of course with 7 cars behind me by now, it just wasn't going to work. The guys were immaculately dressed in full dress suits and spoke impeccably and had large VIP tags around their neck. Sitting there wondering what to do, I had a brain wave and gave them my ticket and then tail-gated then out of Sandton City. Such a simple solution and once you say it - so obvious.

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