Monday, August 27, 2007

Moving on ...

There comes a time they say, when it is time to move on. Which is what happened on Sunday morning when we went down to the dam to pack up the caravan and leave it to the next owner to create his own good memories before handing over the baton to the next owner. As we were packing up we looked around at the quarry dam, bright in the spring morning and thought about all the very enjoyable weekends we have spent down here and wondering whether we should just really be keeping it but the truth is that we just don't get down enough because 'other' things are more important, more pressing or just more attractive. So now the decision is made and we leave the caravan behind, thankful for the memories we have but looking forward to making new ones elsewhere.

It is hard to believe just how much 'stuff' we had piled into the caravan and now it is all sitting in the garage waiting for us to find it a place to live in a house which is already quite full. Somehow I am going to have to convince Caron to let some of the kitchen stuff go - no easy task I might add. Caron is leaving for the UK on Wednesday so maybe a good spring clean is in order while she is away.

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