Sunday, October 21, 2007

"The Royal We"

We, not the royal one, sat up late last night to watch the finals of the rugby world cup, desperately hoping that South Africa would win. We, the royal one, are desperately in need of some kind of good news because the political front in South Africa is looking anything but rosy at the moment. The 80 minutes seemed to go by in a flash and the last twenty minutes were nerve wracking where we had the victory within our grasp and all we had to do was not do anything stupid which quite often happens in these games. This morning the papers blared that "We" are the champions which is really quite far from the truth, as if by some mysterious means the good intentions of everyone supporting the springboks actually made a difference. It wasn't "We", it was the 40 odd people that make up the team, coaches and management that actually deserves all the credit. Of course that takes all the fun out of it, how can one follow a game passionately without being part of the "We". There's nothing quite like winning to make the royal we feel just a little bit better about ourselves even when there is absolutely nor reason to do so.

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