Sunday, October 21, 2007

Theist 1, Atheist 0

I've been thinking lately about why people want to believe in a religion, it can't be entirely because religion is forced on them by indoctrination, social pressure or other means. If religion was forced onto people they would have long ago rebelled en mass I think. An alternative explanation would be that people actually want to believe. Misguided or not, people seem to want it.
So what is so attractive about religion? I don't have a definitive list but to start with under the general title of "Great Marketing":

Life after death! If you simply utter a few words or perform a ceremony then magically you are entitled to the good life after death. This is great marketing because who is to say that life after death isn't great, it 's not like we can really quiz the dead to find out if it (heaven or hell) even exists so it is pretty difficult to negate this. Theists die and go to Heaven, cool. Atheists just die, period. Not so cool.

No Responsibility! If you as a person do something that you feel is morally reprehensible and you're a theist, just offload it to your deity of choice who kindly takes care of it - it's as if you didn't do it. But the fact is that you did and this is just a way of avoiding the fact that you have not lived up to your own expectations. Theists get forgiven, cool. Atheists just have to live with their own inadequacies, Not so cool.

I am sure that I will find a few more as time goes by which I will blog as I go.

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