Monday, October 29, 2007

Weekend boring weekend

The last couple of weekends have really been nothing to write about. Last weekend Caron spend most of the weekend at work leaving me to knock around on my own, this weekend past it was me that spent the entire weekend at work leaving Caron to knock around at home. Definitely not the nicest way to spend one's precious two days of rest a week. I would that I could at least say that the time was spent constructively but it wasn't. The accountants at work think that we are over paying for our electricity but because the building is so badly wired we have had to get an electrician to rewire the distribution boards so that each wing of the building can be accurately metered. This basically entails tracing each and every circuit, switching the entire building off, rewiring, and then switching it all back on. This without interrupting operations - we are a 24x7 operation after all. My experience with power is that when you fiddle with it, things just seem to blow up of their own accord and sure enough, I was not disappointed. My one UPS, all R 20k of it refused to switch back on so it is off for repairs which I hope aren't going to be too expensive. It would really be ironic if after all this we end up paying more for our electricity than we currently do.

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