Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Holidays

I've spent the last two weeks partly sick due to, I think, an accumulation of stress at work. While I wasn't feeling totally off, I spent some time destroying the flowerpot at the front entrance that holds up the roof over the entrance. The original builders of the house spent much too much time on the flowerbox, it has a substantial concrete foundation not to mention double brick walls so it took quite a while and lot of sweat too. In the end, I think the new support which is a double pole of laminated saligna looks much better and I'm glad that at last it is finished.
Many thanks to Jan, our friendly painter who turned up unexpectedly which solved my problem as to who was going to do the plastering and ended up touching up many parts of the house which were starting to look a bit tatty.

Other than spending time feeling sorry for myself and in between spending a few hours a day keeping up with things at work while everyone else is away it was great to have a little time to read and relax, exercise when I wasn't ill and just generally get myself right in preparation for skiing. I think that a sign of finally relaxing is that the days appear to get longer. I can remember as a child they days taking forever to finish whereas as an adult they go by in the blink of an eye.

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