Friday, December 28, 2007

Friday 28 Dec, 2007

I think for the first time in my life and probably Caron's as well, we were completely packed and ready at 13:00 for the flight which only left at 20:30 so we spent a couple of productive hours not doing anything at all which was a great way to start the holiday. We went to work at 16:00 in order to print out one of the reservations only to find that Jeff was in the basement leaving and he was the last one to go. While the cats are away, the mice certainly do play. Kim picked us up from there and took us to the airport at which we arrived way to early so we just went and sat at the news cafe. Phoned Carl and Kirsten to find them ensconced in the luxury of the Diners club lounge – a good reason to go and get a diners club card. Our check-in luggage was just below the maximum weight of 46kg's, even more that Carl and Kirsten and they have two children as well to pack for. Of course the entire bookshelf of books that are buried in our luggage might have something to do with it.
We boarded the plane and were sitting in our seats when a family arrived and wanted to know why we were sitting in their seats. We, of course, thought that they were our seats and after comparing their boarding passes and ours it was clear that there was a big problem as we really had both been allocated the same seats. One of us had to go and it turned to be us. Go to the business class section that is. Yee ha – upgrade, how lucky can we be. It would have been way too adult like for me to have just sat there and not gone back to cattle class to rub it in with Kirsten and Carl. Particularly the morning after when we had been able to more-or-less sleep on the flat beds in business class. Kirsten and Carl had an awful night, not only just because it is genuinely uncomfortable in cattle class but having two children that kept on twisting and turning on top.

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