Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Slapdash, shoddy workmanship

I obtained a geyser blanket from my sister-in-law to wrap around the geyser which had me coughing and spluttering from the time I got into the roof to about 3 hours after I had finished. I think I have a slight allergy to dust.

While I was up there I was looking at the drip tray that had been installed along with the solar geyser a few years ago and I noticed that the damn thing isn't level. It slopes away from the outlet which kind of makes the outlet superfluous. What absolutely irritates me no end is that it would have cost the installers nothing in time nor money to have just installed it level. They just didn't care that they had done an atrocious job: there is absolutely no pride in one's own work these days it seems.

I had another example of this when my parents-in-law's foundations were dug. They couldn't be bothered to dig the foundations to a level depth so as a result, the concrete has a difference of 350mm from the highest point to the lowest point. While I understand that digging foundations is not easy, that is what they are getting paid to do so they should do at least a reasonable job, not the abortion that was done. It's very frustrating that even pointing this out before the concrete arrived failed to get their asses into gear - in fact it seems to have had the opposite effect and two of the workers were found sleeping in wheelbarrows when they should have been working.

While I'm on the topic, I spent the long weekend a couple of weeks ago building a headboard for ourselves. We looked at a couple in shops but they were these disgusting padded jobbies which seem to be universally disliked but the only one's available. After a lot of thought and expense, I'm sure we paid more for this than if we had bought one in the shop, the work of art below emerged from my workshop.

It definitely isn't perfect but I am proud of the design and the workmanship.

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