Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Progress at last

Sometimes it seems that there are just so many big issues that need to be solved that one forgets to appreciate the march of progress albeit in small ways.
I went to fetch Caron at the airport last week and they've installed this nifty system to help one find parking bays. Above every bay is a light which is either red or green depending on whether there is a car in the bay or not so you can see where the open bays are from hundreds of meters away. This is one of those inventions where one sits back and says "Now, why didn't I think of that?" - it's so obvious. At least it is now.
We have taken to having some real junk food from Steers which is a very successful franchise here so I tried to place my order for the "vegetarian" burger and the ladies behind the counter looked at me blankly and politely asked "Which one?". I'm so used to only having one choice that it took me completely by surprise that I actually had a choice - in fact I could have absolutely any burger I wanted just with a vegetarian patty. Way to go, I might have eat there more often.
Lastly, my brother-in-law had an operation today and we went to see him and he told us something which to us was quite amusing. After the operation he found himself in a ward with what looked like a "please call the nurse" button in his hand. After a while he wanted to call the nurse so he pressed it but no nurse appeared, he pressed it again and again nothing then he drifted off to sleep thus missing the nurse. This happened a couple of times before he realised it wasn't the "nurse" button it was the "morphine" button - no wonder the nurse never appeared. What a great idea - you can dose yourself up with morhpine.

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