Wednesday, February 04, 2009

New TOY!

There is something about being in IT (pronounced as "it" as in "where is it?" if you're my mother-in-law) and requiring a constant stream of new toys. 'Officially' my new toy is a necessity for our upcoming travels in the first world in order to continue writing my blog whilst away from my latop which is just "too big" to lug around europe. Enter the EeePC pictured below ...

with my current laptop in the foreground for comparison. Aside from the actual size of the EeePC it has a SSD drive of 20GB which has no moving parts. When I purchased it I thought I was buying the linux version but when I booted it up the windows virus had spread and greeted me with the BSOD so I just had to nuke it and put ubuntu (being all african and that) on which had been pretty impressive. A small amount of problems with the wireless network card because of hardware drivers but fairly simply sorted out. What is really remarkable is how usable it actually is given it's tiny size of screen and keyboard. This is my first blog from my new laptop.

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