Friday, March 13, 2009

Road rage continued again!

I turned up at court at the appointed time only to find a notice that all cases have been transferred to another court so I went to that one and sat at the back waiting for my case to be called but after a couple of hours of nothing I thought I should check that I was really at the right place which, as it turns out, I wasn't. The time spent watching the wheels of justice move, although 'move' is entirely the incorrect adjective, was not without benefit to me. I now understand why we're in such a mess, all the magistrate or judge or whatever she was did was postpone and transfer cases. What an utter waste of everyone's time and because everyone knows it; people don't take it seriously and just use any old excuse to not appear which results in a postponement.

My experience, thus far, of the police and justice system is that it is more the justice system that is broken rather than the police. The police also have their challenges but right now it looks like the justice system is incompetent and incompetence over a long period of time leads to irrelevance which is exactly what is happening in south africa. Since the justice system isn't seen to be dispensing justice it leads to frustration from the victims and eventually statements like 'Just shoot the criminals if you get the chance' by one of our politicians or was it assistant to the someone or other.

Back to my story, I was then told to go and speak to whoever was in an office opposite court one which I did. At the end of my explanation as to what happened, the prosecutor simply told me that he wasn't going to prosecute and that I could just go. I think that he's seen this tit-for-tat type of charge before. I now wait with baited breath to find out what is going to happen to my case against the bmw driver but given my experience of the courts today, I should unbait my breath because it is going to take a long, long time and may never actually happen.

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