Thursday, March 12, 2009

Road rage continued

On thursday, the day after the incident, I received a call from the police requesting that I come into the police station because they wanted to clear some things up which I did at about 16:30 to be informed that they had to arrest me! This was a bit of a surprise, apparently the driver of the bmw had laid a charge of reckless and negligent driving against me. I think it was just in an effort to get back at me for laying an assault charge against him but it just goes to show that if one decides to wrestle with pigs, one can't expect to come away spotless. Being arrested was a bit of a novel experience having avoided it for 43 years but the police were very polite and just went through the motions as quickly and painlessly as possible and I had to turn up at court on the friday morning. My shiner has really blossomed in the last day and there are some quite fetching colours starting to make their appearance. I took some photo's with my cell phone which I would have posted if it wasn't for the events of the following week.

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