Monday, May 04, 2009

Lago d'Iseo to Venice

Milestone day! We have arrived in Venice which is something of a relief. There is always some stress wondering if anything is going to go wrong which will prevent one getting to Venice on the appropriate day and time.

There aren't any photographs today, I think I was so shocked by the prices in Venice that I forgot to take photographs! The motorways in Italy are awesome and, after France, cheap. We had another magic moment with the GPS where we ended up driving on a 'to be built' road and the GPS persisting to tell us to 'make a U turn when possible', 'take the next right turn' while we barrelling along the motorway with no exit in sight. It took a while but we eventually found our way over the cause-way and onto Venice proper. First shock, parking costs 30EUR per day! Ouch! Second shock, the water bus cost 13EUR to get to the stop where we were to meet the agent but that was nothing compared to the 50EUR that andre was rushed to take a water taxi, there is a difference, to the same destination. Double Ouch!

The italian agent that met us spoke very good english and the apartment that we have for the next three nights is really great so we are really staying in luxury even if it is self catering and it wasn't long before the cell phone rang to say that the naude's had arrived and that I should fetch them from the water bus stop.

It was great seeing them again along with their two children Jessica and Celine who are a lot bigger than I remember them. The rest of the day was spent moving in, getting food and vegetables from the car and the grocery department and catching up a bit on things. Supper was cooked by andre who kindly made four pasta meals, one gluten free for nicki, one meat free for me, one mushroom free for caron and then one for himself. Talk about complicated!

I think that we are going to enjoy it here!

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