Tuesday, April 14, 2009

San Sebastin to Pamplona

Started the day with a luxury breakfast at pension alemana while watching the city wake up, specifically the antics of the moped brigade. It isn't unusual to see girls in short skirts and high heels on their way to work and the way they weave in and out of the traffic would have me reaching for my riding jacket and all they're wearing as protective gear is some kind of a jacket.

A really nice holiday day, all we did was drive the A15 from San Sebastian to Pamplona and set up in the one and only campsite which, thankfully, doesn't seem to be too bad. The showers are piping hot and they don't have the horrible push button taps that other campsites use so you can have a hot shower for as long as you want and the water pressure is great which means awesome showers! I think I'm going to have a couple just because I can.

The road from San Sebastian is spectacular to say the least with load of tunnels and high bridges; I saw one that was 360m high not to mention the cuttings. It really was quite a drive that had our ears popping from the altitude changes. The three photos below were all from the one place and gives a good view looking south of the north of spain.

Other than the drive, there's not a lot in pamplona so once we had set up camp we spent the rest of the afternoon reading and relaxing which makes a nice change after the rush through france. Something we really didn't expect to see in Spain or actually europe was vultures which we could see quite clearly because they were flying next to the A15. We have also seen fair number of hawks and falcons which was also a bit unexpected.

We have decided that we can't keep up the rush, not to mention the 3000km of driving, so we have canned the southern spanish destinations as well as the voting in Madrid. I really would have liked to vote but it is a 1200km round trip to Madrid from here and that is just a bit excessive. Because of this re-arrangement we actually have a few days to spare so we are staying in places just a little bit longer and are maybe going to add a couple of places on.

We thought that we had left the rain behind but not so. It has been raining on and off all day but it has been relatively warm so most of our stuff has dried out. The campsite has washing facilities so we did all the washing which has come in the nick of time as we were down to the last few items of clean clothing.

Travelling like this certainly gets one back to the simple pleasures of life that get lost somehow when living in a house like being warm, comfortable and dry and having clean, dry clothes to wear. Oh, and fast broadband internet and unfortunately I have to admit that iBurst is quite fast compared with some of the experiences here.

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