Friday, May 15, 2009

Down to Roma

We didn't have a good night last night because the German next door snored like a steam train so we were a little the worse for wear when we packed up. It had rained a little during the night and decided that, since we were packing, it would rain again. Not anything heavy mind you, just enough to be a nuisance!

Travelling through the Tuscan and Umbrian countryside was very beautiful but the typical Tuscan architecture isn't quite what we have come to think it is in South Africa. The typical Tuscan Villa or farmhouse is rectangular with two floors and a very plain tiled roof. Windows are relatively small and the doorway in the middle of the house and, all in all, is very plain. We did see the odd verandah or patio but they really looked like an afterthought.

We have been feeling a little out-touristed going to all these tickbox destinations and combined with a lack of sleep we decided that 'when in rome, do as the romans do' and tried the modern form of the roman baths.

Chianciano Terme is a modern hot springs and we went for the full treatment! Once inside which is a little pricey at 36EUR each but in-line with what one would pay in South Africa if this existed in South Africa there are about 15 different health 'treatments'.

The first treatment that we came to was a hot and cold alternating shower while you walk on pebbles to massage your feet; very uncomfortable!

I think one of the treatments which we enjoyed most was plain hot springs which had underwater reclining chairs and overhead jets of water that would gently pummel the body. I really wanted to take some photo's but I couldn't get a moment when there wasn't anyone around so you'll just have to accept my description.

As far as sauna's were concerned, there were three types! Hot as in Finland, Humid and an Etruscan that is like the Humid one but with aromatic oils. To complete the sauna there was an ice scrub to cool down along with showers with aromatic oils in them. For the record, Caron skipped the ice scrub! We also had a mud bath which was great fun once Caron had got into the spirit of things.

The three mud fountains have different types of mud to have a different effect on you; personally I'm sceptical but it was great fun slapping the mud on, a bit like having a cultured mud fight. I tried to wrestle Caron but she was slippery like an eel so I didn't get anywhere.

There were a few that we didn't try because they were out of order or we just didn't like the idea but we both enjoyed the music pool where the music is played underwater as well as above so the vibrations really can be felt all the way through one's body. The only choice in music was new-agey classical which isn't my style and I would have preferred some good rock to get the central nervous system going!

I tried listening under water but it sound absolutely terrible; even worse than above the water!

So feeling a little rested and relaxed we continued on our way down to Roma and found what promises to be a really great campsite, we hope.

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Jason du Toit said...

Well, that picture of you guys covered in mud made me think I was looking at premature pictures of Pompei :-)