Wednesday, June 03, 2009


Salzburg is known as the birth place of Mozart and besides that it is known for, well, nothing at all but it sounded like a cool place to go to so here we are. It was also conveniently located between Vienna and Lake Constance so although we are here, we don't really have anything we 'have to do' so we caught the bus into town early in the morning and wandered around the old town which is very beautiful.

The sound of music, which I didn't enjoy when I watched it, was filmed here and one of the scenes is set in a cemetery which we stumbled on and Caron had to go in. There were also catacombs which sounds way too grand for the holes in the rock that they turned out to be. Caron managed to bang her head hard on a lintel which was very low and of course it was my fault. Not sure of the logic here but having been married over 10 years I just accept these things.

We also climbed up to the fortress overlooking the old town and wandered along admiring the views into the distance before we had a cup of coffee at a coffee shop. When we descended we happened on a 'saturday market' where we bought some fresh fruit, something we are really missing. We paid R60.00 for four measly bananas so everyone back in South Africa, enjoy your cheap, plentiful, good quality fruit because not everyone has the opportunity to do so.
While we were at the market I spotted what must the be king of biltong cutters masquerading as a cheese slicer.

Keeping in the culinary way we happened on the following.

On our way back to the bus station we went through schloss mirabell which was built for archbishop wolf dietrich's jewish mistress, salome alt,in 1606 but the gardens that surround the schloss are magnificent.

Heading back to the campsite we were both a bit under the weather, I'm not sure if it a touch of homesickness or a bit of depression knowing that we are going home in not too distant future. I've been reading a book on mathematical theorems which has been tough going but now that I've finished it and had a couple of glasses of wine; I'm feeling much better. I'm not sure how much actually went in and will be retained but I enjoyed the parts I understood which wasn't the entire book; if you really want to know.

While we were eating supper a family arrived on their bicycles, all five of them along with all their camping kit. Two parents and three boys and quickly set up camp and made supper so, siblings, what are you waiting for?


Heidi and Darrell Bergesen and kids said...

My boys would love to have you take them camping with bikes...go for it Uncle Roland!

M.Elferink said...

You're sad! A book on mathematical theorems - honestly! But, if you want to read a GOOD BOOK about someone else who enjoys reading mathematical theorems, do yourself a favour and read 'The Girl who Played with Fire' by Steig Larsson. But perhaps, you may want to read the book that comes before it, 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo'. Then, you may find you start to enjoy your holiday a bit more! For some reason, this is under mom's name (we were experimenting), but it is actually from your youngest, most precious sister, K! Btw, we got your missed calls for Meg - thanks! She was very delighted with the moolah!