Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Vienna to Salzburg

330km of very difficult driving, I was exhausted by the time we arrived. The weather has turned so it is probably just as well that we are leaving Vienna.

We packed up early and headed for cafe epicure which is the local internet cafe where we bought some coffee and sat down to some posting for me and some email sorting out for Caron. From there we went to a camping shop something like Outdoor Warehouse in South Africa to get some more fuel for the stove and while we were there I bought a windshield for the stove. I have a flexible one in South Africa and it was a real mistake to not have brought it, there have been so many times that a windshield would have helped immensely with the cooking. I was sorely tempted to buy something expensive just for the hell of it, I haven't bought myself a toy or souvenir yet and I can feel the pressure mounting which means that I'm probably going to spend a lot of money on something frivolous in the near future. I can't believe that I am really missing shopping; of all things it is one I would not have said that I would miss.

Leaving the outdoor shop behind mabel had a moment and took us through what felt like the worst possible route. I don't know how many peep shows, erotic toy shops, adult venues, adult movie complexes we went past but I think it gives a different view of the squeaky clean picture Austrians like to convey. The adult movie complex was complimentary for women and couples, I tried to get Caron to go with me but she steadfastly refused; much to my amusement!

The drive was head-on into heavy wind and some serious downpours. Maybe not quite as bad as I've had in South Africa i.e. one could still see 100m ahead but they were pretty intense none-the-less. So by the time we arrived at the campsite, I had really had enough. As if to greet us the sun came out as we arrived so we could see the storms over the valley looking across the top of Salzburg.

I settled down to some cheese and wine while I recovered and admired the views which are spectacular from this campsite.

Our tent has been threatening for some time but today it finally had a wardrobe malfunction ala Janet Jackson. The zip, eish! she is broken! This is a real problem so we have closed it carefully and tied the bottom together and hope that it will hold for the rest of the holiday. This makes getting into and out of the tent a bit awkward but we'll have to see how it goes.

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