Tuesday, January 04, 2011

A full day's skiing at last ...

This day could be summarised in a single word - "skiing". The more detailed description follows ...

I took Sage down to the ski school while Kim got herself ready for her own ski school lesson. Going down the hill took a while but she is getting it into her head that, if you fall over backwards, it is because you are leaning backwards so i am having a slight influence on her. Unfortunately, it's only a slight influence.

The sun was paying us a visit which, after the gloom of Paris, was very welcome. We are all rapidly finding out that we are all, even me, sun babies so at least a little bit of Africa has crept into our psyche.

During the morning Kirsten, Carl and I did mont de la chambre which we coped with fine but I feel that it will be a couple more days before we are really comfortable on any of the blue runs. We stopped at the top of the lift and had some hot chocolate to fortify us for the run because it was really, really cold.

The morning was soon over and we fetched the kids and went home for lunch which, in my case, was cheese on a roll which was okay but it would have been much better with some fresh vegetable like tomatoes and lettuce on it. Can't believe I am missing lettuce, I normally dislike lettuce.

After lunch the Van der Riets, myself and the video camera went skiing which was pretty interesting and very enlightening just how much my head moves around when I'm skiing. It shouldn't but it certainly does. We did this enormous run down firstly Grand Lac followed by Pelozet and rounded off by Biolley which was a very pleasant run despite the large ice field which was quite disconcerting because it was about 30m of no control. I'm going to blame the ice field on the snow boards although I don't really have a strong case for doing so, I just like blaming things on them.

When we got back we transferred the video to Caron's laptop and was busy watching it when Sage walked through the power cable almost dragging the laptop onto the floor. It was a close thing and I was quite stern without actually shouting at her but she dissolved into tears in any case which meant that Kim spent the next 30 minutes calming her down and comforting her. Just what I imagine Kim could really have done with but Sage really does need to become more spatially aware of her environment.

After supper we spent the evening watching movies or, in Carl's case, the "Big Bang Theory" or reading or generally being quiet before going to sleep quite early.

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