Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Oh, no! Not another day of Skiing!

We are starting to settle into a routine now. We drop the kids off at Ski School in the morning and then Carl, Kirsten and I go exploring new areas and then in the afternoon the whole van der Riet family and I go exploring yet more areas.

This morning we took the mont de la chambre and then used pluviometre to descend into Val Thorens from where we took peclets up to to top to have a look at Galcier de Peclet which we didn't really notice for some reason. We should really have a good look at them because they ain't going to be around for much longer. The tete ronde back into Val Thorens was great and we stopped at a restaurant half way down for our morning 'chocolat chaud' and 'pain au chocolat' which was fantastic, easily the best 'chocolat chaud' that we've had thus far. At 18.50 euro it had better be! I think Val Thorens is a bit more upmarket than Les Menuires. Carl borrowed an allen key from the restaurant and managed to adjust Kirstens boots which were proving to be very painful. I made a joke which I can't repeat in the blog but Carl will remember it!

We skied down to the bottom of Caron, not to be confused with Caron's bottom, and took the lift up and then skied down gentiane which was so nice we did it all again. There exists a Mount Caron here so the lift's name is also called Caron which is going to cause some confusion at some time. Obvious double entendre's come to mind ...

Back at the apartment, I had the most fantastic lunch, it was the same as yesterday with the addition of fresh tomato and lettuce which just created perfection. Sometimes it is the little additions that make all the difference.

The afternoon was spent going over into Meribel using faon and lievre which, although listed as a blue, are actually borderline reds. Even so, I quite enjoyed them; I am finding that I am enjoying the lumpy bumpy stuff much more nowadays. We had some 'chocolat chaud' on the way down at a very noisy cafe before I got some great video footage of Kirsten wiggling her derriere to the music as we skied away.

Before we knew it, it was time to return via gros tougne which was uneventful but I think I might have got some good photographs. The sky was dark and heavy but the sun was shining in underneath so maybe ...

Supper consisted several very yummy pizzas before bed. After a glass of wine and whisky of course.

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