Sunday, January 09, 2011

The high after the low ...

What an awesome day's skiing, somehow because of the colder weather the snow on the runs was great to ski on. I don't have any photo's because the weather was very overcast so the whole day was this dull even light which isn't great for photography. By the end of the day my legs were starting to give out and my knees were a bit sore but it was worth it.

Kirsten and Carl were getting Alistair ready so while I was waiting, after renewing my ski pass, I did the following runs.
  • Petits creux
  • Menuires

We were using the radios to communicate when a very loud american accent came over "Get the ^&*&^ off MY frequency" which just ensured that this was the frequency that we are going to continue using. I met up with Kirsten and Carl and Megan but Alistair had to stay behind and recover. We had great fun going down the following runs and because we are really starting to feel comfortable on them we were really whizzing down even the steep portions. The feeling of just carving down the piste in big curves is just amazing and now that the school holidays are over the pistes are bare of skiers.
  • grand lac
  • pelozet
  • biolley
  • gros tongue
  • grand lac
  • pelozet
  • gros tongue
Time for chocolat chaud which we had at the bottom of the granges lift and then Kirsten and Megan headed for home to relieve Caron who is baby sitting Alistair leaving Carl and I to go and explore a bit.
  • grand lac
  • pelozet
  • jerusalem - red
  • pramint - red
  • gros tougne
After two not so nice reds because they were quit icy although pramint would be quite nice if we were to get a decent dusting of snow - it was time for lunch. We went back to the same place we had chocolat chaud just now and had the french onion soup each, a shared plate of chips and two chocolat chauds (28.50) which really filled us up. The soup is listed under the starters but I seriously doubt that anyone could really have a proper main course after finishing a soup like that. It was great, I must say that I really do enjoy the french onion soup. After lunch it was more exploring.
  • allamands - red
  • petit creux
  • david douillet haut - red
  • david douillet - red
  • menuires
... and home. We must come back with Kirsten to do allamands and david douillet again because they were both great runs. David douillet was very steep and the steep bits were much longer than other reds but the snow was good which made it very manageable. The higher one goes the better the quality of the snow and the easier it is to ski. We had only been home about 10 minute who had gone out and did grand lac and pelozet and despite a couple of falls looked to be much happier. As the sun dipped below the mountains it started to snow lightly at first and then much more heavily.

The photo above didn't really capture the snow falling so I tried the same shot using the flash to highlight the snow.

I'm really hoping for more than a dusting of snow, say 3 or 4 inches. Funny how, even two decades after imperial went out, I still measure distances between and inch and a couple of feet in imperial for rough estimates.

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