Saturday, January 08, 2011

A frosty silence

I guess it is just as well that none of us are in the medical profession because alistairs hand isn't sprained, it's actually broken. He's handling it really well and has the tiniest of casts on that just immobilises the actual thumb while preserving wrist and finger mobility.

Nobody did any skiing this morning but for different reasons. Kirsten and Carl because of taking alistair to the clinic and myself, caron and kim because we decided to take the morning off to do shopping and generally laze about before collecting the remaining kids from ski school at 12:30.

I have been wanting to get caron up into the val thorens valley to do a run called gentiane which I thought, and still think that she would love. So while carl and alistair took the afternoon off, kirsten, sage, megan and the two of us set off. Unfortunately the only way to get there was to go up mont de la chambre and then down pluviometre which turned out to be a huge mistake. Caron took one look at the steeper sections and refused to do them but there really is no other way to get down other than going down the piste so she took off her ski's which I skied down with and then walked all the way down muttering about how horrible I am no doubt. Kirsten, Sage and Megan got tired of waiting and went on ahead while I nursed caron down the piste.

She skied all the flatter sections but the whole run took so long that we arrived at the run I really wanted her to try about a minute after it closed so I think that the closest she is going to get to doing the run is the picture below. I can't see her putting herself through that again even though the snow higher up is far nicer and easier to ski in that lower down nearer the villages. We saw Kirsten, Sage and Megan briefly at the Caron ski lift, they had already done the run twice by the time we arrived and then bolted for home.

We followed on a bit more slowly and barely made it to the last lift before it closed and finally made it home in frosty silence. As a counter point to the silence, the sunset was really amazing.

Kisten had made a big bowl of bolonnaise the previous evening and we had a great meal followed by some chocolate or coffee flavoured creme caramel which went down rather well. So at least the day ended well even though the rest of it was pretty abysmal.

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