Friday, January 07, 2011

Of Reds 'n Accidents

An eventful day!

The intention was to drop the kids at ski school and then Caron, Kim and I to go skiing but it had rained overnight so the slopes were all really icy which made Caron very uneasy, so much so that she refused to go up to do the slope (vallons) we had chosen to do. As it turned out, this was a really good decision because the slope turned out to be almost completely iced up and I didn't enjoy the run at all. Kirsten didn't either but Carl thought it was the best run he had done which I really don't understand. On the way down we saw a small boy who had fallen taking an awfully long time to get up and later saw an ambulance toboggan so we think that it was the small boy in sage's class that broke his leg today. According to Sage, he was one of the 'hot boys' which just set off the warning bells in Kim's head. Sage is only six after all!

Kirsten, Carl and I went up again to do les enverse hoping it would be better than vallons but it was even worse, most of the slope was either grass or just plain ice, not even ice with a dusting of snow. There was a narrow strip of about 2m that was mogul-led but ski-iable. If moguls are the preferred option, that means that the rest of the slope was pretty bad.

I then met up with Caron and Kim and the three of us went off to do La Violette and took in a cup of coffee, chocolat chaud or, in my case, vin chaud. We headed home for another scrumptious lunch before I joined the van der riets for the afternoon.

Kirsten and Carl had done the cretes and longet routes while I was out with Kim and Caron and, since the kids had done them in ski school as well, they were keen to do them again because the runs were so nice.

The van der riet family at the ibex at the top of the run which was an absolutely fantastic run, we enjoyed it so much that we did it three times in a row. A minor mishap occurred on the horrible blue run that we had to take to get back down, alistair made an impressive face plant into the ice and in doing do, sprained his thumb quite badly. When I picked him up off the snow the gap between his goggles and his helmet was completely filled with ice and he was feeling quite sorry for himself but he recovered quite well after some hot chocolate.

Kim and my cunning plan to play a trick on Carl finally came to fruition. Carl had been making odd references to the speed with which the whisky was going down so we drained most of the last bottle into another bottle and hid it and waited for him to notice. It took a couple of days but finally we got our reward, carl's face when he took the bottle out spoke volumes and I couldn't keep up the joke any longer, much to carl's great relief. Anyway, kim and I enjoyed the joke.

For supper we decided that we would eat out in the local restaurant to try out raclette which is a local dish which carl, in particular, has been very keen to try out. Raclette consists of a 1/4 wedge of an entire block of cheese which goes onto sort of a roaster which then melts the cheese. One scrapes the melted cheese off and then wraps it with various cold meats or vegetables. Carl seemed to really enjoy it, I thought it was nice but nothing special. I definitely preferred the three cheeses fondue that Caron and Kirsten shared.
Note the matching Sani2C shirts!

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