Friday, May 02, 2014

And so it ends

... at least until the next trip.

We all enjoyed yesterday afternoon so much that we had another beach day and headed there at about 11:00 and spent most of the rest of the day there doing pretty much nothing at all other than read, swim a little and just generally chill out.

The water was still as cold as I remembered it from yesterday but it was a little easier to get in today for some reason. Just in case anyone doubts that I did actually swim, herewith some photographic proof.

The van der Riets minus Alistair who seems to have been psychologically scarred from yesterday and wouldn't swim today were all in the water but only up to their waists so, kind person that I am, I ran in and helped Kirsten and Megan to get themselves wet.  Kirsten saw me coming and made a bee line for the shore so I only managed to splash her a bit but Megan was caught with me between her and the shore so now she can say that she really swam in the Mediterranean.  In getting Megan completely immersed I went under myself and the water is a bit more salty than we are used to so my eyes started playing up again and it was time to get to the shore and out of the salt water.

 In spite of  Megan's grin in the photo she wasn't going to thank me for ducking her even though she begrudgingly enjoyed having actually gone all the way under.  In the age of euphemisms, I think that maybe should be known as 'assisted swimming'.

Caron and I left the family at about 18:00 because that is actually quite enough beach time for me while the van der Riets enjoyed the last couple of hours of sunshine on the beach.

  We all met back at the apartment to go out for one last supper but on the way we had to take a tour past all the charter yachts and the one above seems to be about the right size.  The 'happy' song was blaring out from the cockpit and that got Kirsten dancing away on the quay while Megan and Alistair did their best to disown her.  There were some mutterings about possibly doing a yacht charter in the future but neither Carl nor Caron were over enthusiastic so we'll see if Kirsten and I can negotiate with our spouses.

The trip got really expensive at around this stage because Caron had spotted a pearl ring which she liked but, up until this point, the jewellery store had always been closed.  Unluckily, tonight it was open so queue a credit limit busting transaction and Caron was very happy with her new acquisition.

I can't remember what the name of the restaurant was but it was set quite far back from the quays on the main pedestrian thoroughfare and the food was quite good.  Unlike in S.A. the courses arrive as they come off the stove or out of the oven so some arrive quickly whereas others take quite a while to arrive but what is nice is that it is always fresh off the stove.  We did the food sharing thing between Kirsten, Megan, Alistair and myself which worked out pretty well.

So that is it, tomorrow is travel day but at least it doesn't start too early.

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