Saturday, May 03, 2014

Travel day

It is such an unfortunate fact that holidays have to end with a day of travel and that this detracts ever so slightly from the enjoyment of the holiday.

There weren't any photo opportunities today so no pretty scenes of the Aegean today.  The order of today was strictly utilitarian :

09:30 Taxi to Parikia
10:45 Ferry to Athens
14:45 Taxi to airport
18:30 Flight to Frankfurt
22:00 Flight to Johannesburg
09:30 Gautrain in to Sandton
10:00 Retrieve car from the office and
10:30 Arrive home after 26 hours of solid travelling.

Other than slight waits for the Ferry and the plane from Athens to Frankfurt it was a remarkably smooth trip and we even managed to actually sleep on the long flight from Frankfurt to Johannesburg so Caron is now determined that when we travel long distance it will only be in Airbus A380's from now on.  I must say that they are definitely more comfortable than anything else that I have flown in.

The security in Frankfurt is a little over the top and they made me take out each individual lense and then they had a look into them which I have never had to do previously.  In addition, when we got home we found that they had opened my baggage and there was a note from the German baggage handlers to say that they had removed the matches that I have for lighting cigars which was a bit of a cheek I thought.  They also had a look into the tin of origanum that we had bought and omitted to close the lid properly so by the time I opened up the suitcase I had origanum infused luggage.  A nice touch compliments of the Frankfurt security people I thought.

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