Monday, March 16, 2015

Arrive at Hogsback

Today was a really easy day from a driving point of view because it was only a two hour drive and it was completely uneventful.

We took leave of our cousins having thoroughly enjoyed the visit; hopefully they felt the same and will come and visit us in Johannesburg when they are passing through.

The road conditions thus far have ranged from excellent to attrocious and sometimes in the most unlikely places.  As South Africans we really can't be satisfied, if the road is terrible we complain about the government not doing their jobs.  If the road is being rebuilt, we complain that the fact that it is going to a small town must mean that there is some bigwig whose home town it is.  Not that I'm a fan of the government but even when they try to actually do something, their motives are suspected.

Arriving in hogsback we went to one campsite but it was a shade on the hippie side for us and tucked away in the forest where it was really damp so we moved on and found a really nice one which we had missed on the way in called "Swallowtail" which is where I am now typing from while I wait for the braai to burn down.

The mattress which was on the top of the roof in the hailstorm of yesterday came through it remarkably dry on the whole but there was still some edges which got a soaking and we hope that they have dried out sufficient that we don't have a  cold wet night tonight.  Time will tell.

Hogsback is unbelievably small and very misty and we were the only people in the campsite until about 14:00 when people started drifting in and by sunset there were about 10 campsites occupied.  I think that this would be the town in which it might be possible to actually die of boredom.  Nice for a few days but deadly long term.

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