Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Much ado about nothing ...

Well today didn't turn out quite as planned.  We had planned to go for a couple of hours walk to see a large old yellow wood tree and take a meander through the rainforest.  Technically that is what we did but the weather closed in so we ended up walking in the light rain at about 14 deg. C for 4 hours on some rather slippery and treacherous paths before we managed to find our way back.  The paths weren't very well marked nor maintained so sometimes it just sort of disappears and one is left scrambling up steep muddy slopes holding on to vegetation as best one can.  Caron was not a happy camper but cheered up a lot once we were back at the camp and had had a piping hot shower.

As we finally climbed out of the gorge we walked past a house and was accosted by a black puppy who came walking/bounding along with us.  I was expecting the puppy to turn back of his own accord but after about a kilometer he was still following us so I left Caron under a tree looking like a furtive drug dealer in the shadows while I walked back with the dog in tow to leave him at his house.

A couple of funny things have happened to us while we have been away which I have forgotten to write up, the first was when we were going out with Patrick and Barbara.  We were driving into the mall parking and I saw the sign saying "only vehicles < 2200mm" which I thought would be fine since I have been into several underground parkings with the roofrack and they normally only have a clearance of 2100mm.  How wrong I was and the top of the gas bottle hit the boom with a resounding thunk and the parking attendents scattered like a shot had gone off.  It turned out that the very top of the plastic seal on the bottle had hit the boom and chipped a bit off.  I must remember this in future, 2200mm isn't enough.

The second happened last night when we had a braai and I got a bit over eager and put too much wood and charcoal on so it was taking too long to burn down.  I had previously seen a wheelbarrow next to another braai with the remains of previous fires in it so I thought that I would just extract a few logs and put them in the wheel barrow.  Having done this I was braai'ing away and I happened to see the glow of a fire in the wheelbarrow and then I could see the glow of a fire through the side of the wheelbarrow.  How wierd, there must have been a hole in the wheelbarrow; hang on it looks like the wheelbarrow itself is alight which is exactly what it was.  In the dark I hadn't seen that the wheelbarrow was a plastic one (who knew that plastic wheelbarrows existed!) and the logs had burnt a hole through the side and then set the plastic itself on fire so I had to run down and dowse the flames before the whole thing went up.  This morning I had to go up to the owner to mea culpa and it seems that this isn't the first time because his wife said that he always quotes firewood by the wheelbarrow and makes a point that this excludes the wheelbarrow itself.

We spent the rest of the day sleeping and reading because it was cold and still raining before going out for supper to the Hogsback Inn which is pretty basic but nice and warm with a roaring log fire.

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