Monday, December 14, 2015

Sometimes it just works and sometimes it just doesn't

I had forgotten just how annoying upstairs tenants can be in an apartment block especially when they start moving around at 03:00 in the morning.  It sounds like we have an herd of Polish elephants upstairs and because everything is double glazed and heavily insulated it is absolutely quiet inside the rooms which makes even the smallest sound noticeable.

We headed out early to avoid the masses because there just aren't enough runs open at the moment to cope with the number of people that are here.  I can easily imagine that if all the runs were open the slopes would be very empty.  It is reasonable before 10:00 but thereafter it gets a bit manic; if we were really good skiers it probably wouldn't make a difference but we are just a little bit slower than the average, especially on the steep icy bits, which means that we constantly have people hurtling past us.

After a number of runs on the red run which, all in all, were pretty good we decided to head for the blue run and we were stopped at the exit waiting for Megan to join us and as she did so, a snowboarder (Polish I am going to assume) ran over her and stopped just a metre down from us.  I tried to grab hold of his hoodie to give him some words but missed him, over balanced and because there were so many people standing or sitting around I couldn't get my balance back and went down in a heap, legs and body all at unnatural angles.  Oh well, I tried and I am sure that everyone else enjoyed it.

After a coffee break at the restaurant on the blue slope we headed back and then Caron and I indulged in some serious retail therapy.  It's her 50th in just over a months time and she has always lusted after a skeleton watch. The first one I saw at home was a million rand so that was completely out of the question but we have now found a Rado skeleton watch which, while rather expensive, is vaguely affordable so Caron is now the proud owner of a beautiful Rado skeleton watch.

After lunch and a bit of a siesta Carl, Alistair, Caron and myself traipsed off to ski slope 22 pictured below which will never really get busy because it only has a single button lift servicing two actual slopes.  For some reason I just couldn't get going this afternoon, it just wasn't working so after yesterday afternoons euphoria I am back to mediocrity.

It was Kirsten's night to cook and she outdid herself, bombardino's for starters, chicken cordon bleu with vegetables and pannacotta for pudding.

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