Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Stitching down the slopes

Today we were up really early, about 07:00, which is a bit of a joke when one considers that my day at home normally starts at 05:30.  We really have slept well this holiday and have managed to get in at least an 8+ hours of sleep every night inspite of the Polish herd above us.

The reason for the early start was to get over to Motollino which is fast becoming our favourite run before it got really busy and our first couple of runs down Motollino were really great.

The view from the top of Motollino was quite spectacular as one can see from the above and this is where we had some more of their glutinous hot chocolate later on once we had been down to Trepalle, which I didn't enjoy, and then numerous runs down to Sponda which I did enjoy until my legs decided that they had had enough.  My right leg was fine and would bite in nicely to the snow or ice but my left leg was letting me down and acting a bit like a sewing machine.  Very disappointing, I don't know if it is just too much skiing and I need to have a rest, or it is the way that I am skiing and that it is my technique that is wrong.

The van der Riets at the top of Sponda looking over towards the black run which has just opened which is great because at least some of the Polish maniacs have moved over to there instead of pestering us on the red runs.  In spite of my misbehaving left leg, we are starting to ski the red runs quite nicely and are moving more with the general pace than being a bit slower than it.  There are still the odd close shaves just because there are so many people on the slopes, all of varying degrees of competence.

After a last couple of runs down Motollino Megan and I decided that we would head for home while Kirsten, Carl and Alistair would continue with another couple of runs and then follow us.  I was expecting Caron to be be at home so of course when we arrived she was nowhere to be found but luckily I bumped into the Keysers on their way out so we could at least relax in their apartment until Caron turned up.

I spent afternoon reading and relaxing and finished reading "Where Men Win Glory" which is the expose on the death of Pat Tillman in Afghanistan and the manner in which politicians and the military spin things to their own advantage and never actually take responsibility.  It makes me realise that we are all like corks bobbing in the ocean of current affairs and the currents take us where they will, by our best efforts we may be able to swap currents but we actually have no real control over where we are going; we have just managed to move to a different current.  A bit sobering.

Caron made her potato and leek soup for supper and I helped out with the croutons and somehow manage to burn some of them but not too badly.  We chased the meal down with some limoncello and I braved the wrath of the parents and offered the children a tiny taste of limoncello.  The three girls jumped at the chance but Alistair declined which was, at least I thought, very mature of him. Such an asset in life to be able to say 'no' while everyone else around you is saying 'yes'.

Tomorrow we are expecting snow ... yay!

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